How Green Park Hotels, Marigold and Avasa saved 162 hours per month with ODYNS Hotel chatbot.


A s growing upscale brand hotel in South India, understands just how important data is, even for a brand in Hospitality business. Team at Green Park always look for ways to innovate and improve the operational efforts. So when they found the team was spending too much time manually processing and analyzing data related to sales, they knew they were losing valuable time that could be better spent strategizing.

Looking to reassess how they handled data, ODYNS helped them to learn how chatbot could free up time spent on repetitive manual tasks — from minimizing the Front office support for data confirmation to newbies quickly accessing the relevant property details to save on unwanted expenses related to their resources efforts.

The Challenge

GreenPark had to invest in high resource efforts to access information at the point of sale, leading to slow response times, decrease in team productivity and accuracy.

ODYNS intelligent chatbot technology that can SENSE, Comprehend, ACT AND LEARN is changing the way enterprises do their business.

ODYNS Solution

In real-time view of its sales pipeline. ODYNS implemented a state-of-the-art A.I enabled Chatbot Knowledge finder that could provide a centralized and fastest way to help the team find relevant information and instantly access the findings, on Facebook messenger.

  • Handover protocol : Connects to a specific Front Office based on the Intent.
  • Integrated third party data provider to identify fit-for-purpose technology and systems solutions to meet OTA requirements.
  • Chatbot capable to communicate with users through messaging apps using natural language.
  • The Chatbot capable of understanding the sales jargon used by the team locally.

Value Delivered

    The bot solution helped to reduce data exploration time, effort and resources.
    The solution also serves multiple functions within the organization to prevent cost leakage, save on unwanted expenses related to their resource efforts, increase team productivity and improve decision making and performance over a period of time.
    Fastest ways to find any relevant information about the property and quickly access the findings, in real-time view of its sales pipeline.

Refining a complex process

1. AVASA’s Front Office team receives inquiries over the call from sales team in search of hotel information, to assisting executive answering prospect’s specific question.

2. Inquiries were varied across the different verticals and audience, and responses were reactive rather than proactive. The team had no way to automate or prioritize inbound queries,along with no/limited usage of messaging apps as an assisting tool.

The business wasn’t structured to respond to sales inquiries quickly” said The Assistant Vice President.

Creating a streamlined strategy

The team needed a streamlined virtually assisted member that was capable of handling inbound queries with zero percent human intervention.

To organize its strategy for scale, the team set three goals:

  • Set up governance for chatbot
  • Create discipline and process
  • Align against strategic business goals

The first step to achieve these goals was finding the right platform. We quickly realized that there was a lot of UI functionality within facebook Messenger that could allow sales team interact with the information more seamlessly.

Our focus wasn’t just sorting out each quires as they come in real time, but looking at what the intent was, and what we could do to handle it at the best way.

We started the first phase of Data curation and gathered all the possible data from the team, feedbacks, online data etc related to the sale, properties, and jagrons used within the organization.

Next Phase, was to build the questions (intents) that were expected from the external clients, Internal sales team, and Front office. We were able to create 300+ intent i.e, unique questions with 10 paraphrases each. Which constituted to 3000 questions.

Next, we trained the bot with the available data and released it to the selected 10 member sales team as a Dog Food.

As, the team started interacting with the bot we allocated a resource to keep an eye on each interaction and mapped it to the right response. Thus trained the bot within 4 hours of each interaction. Resulted 81% bot confidence within in the first few weeks of the dog food.

While the bot was in training process, the data was being kept updated with interactive cards, OTA integration and live agent handover protocol.

With ODYNS A.I enabled chatbot for Avasa surfacing over messenger, team were able to actually unearth deeper insights and mend inquiries quicker. Once the new updated bot was published, the team was able to answer the client’s queries within seconds rather depending on other resources. The team saw positive results over time. Currently, it is answering 88% of inquiries within 0.81 seconds when compared to an average 9 minutes.

Proactive response with a streamlined strategy

Now the team is providing accurate information available at the access of Palm. “We set a challenge of bringing our average response time down to less than a minute with 95% quality and we have achieved this within 60 days of bot in production.

Performance Report


Decreasing response times, improving performance

It is no doubt that part of the incredible growth in engagement comes from the work that the ODYNS team has put in. ODYNS capabilities have helped Avasa decrease the average response time from One Hour 8 minutes to just 0.81 Second per day per executive — a 99.9% decrease in a single year. When looking at response times during weekday work hours, these response times decrease further to around 0.77 Second. Overall, the team are now responding to inquiries quicker, providing clients/customers/guests with better content and gaining valuable insights into their journey.


Discover the possibility of re-inventing your hotel with ODYNS chatbot solution.As you can see, chatbots present many opportunities for hoteliers, from increasing customer loyalty to enhancing the guest experience. To keep your guests coming back for more, definitely consider joining the chatbot revolution — but only if your hotel is equipped and prepared for this big step.

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