Power Your Business With ODYNS™ Smarter Bots

The world is moving towards messaging. More and more people are communicating with each other via messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, SMS,Whatsapp and Telegram. Soon, people will expect to be able to reach businesses via messengers too.


Why Your Business Needs To Be Powered With Smarter Chatbots ?

Get to know your customers better

The more you understand your customers, the better experience you can provide them. ODYNS™ Analytics shows a complete history of every conversation that your Bot users has had. You can see inquiry volume, inquiry resolution patterns and customer pain points, to optimize your customers’ experience.


Your new customer service assistant

With ODYNS™, you can integrate A.I Powered chatbots that answer your customers’ questions, responding to their needs quickly and efficiently. Put your bot to work on the front-line of your customer service team and handle inquiries-anytime, anywhere.

Connect with your customers — wherever they are

Whether it’s on social media, a messaging platform or your company website, customers have more options than ever before to engage with your company. Chatbots let you engage with customers across multiple channels.


Increase customer satisfaction and cut costs

Customers need 24/7 support, which can be costly to implement. Chatbots can improve customer service to shorten call-handling times, reduce agent-to-agent transfers and free up agents whose talents can be put to better use.


ODYNS’s chatbots is a new way to provide automated services to your customers. It offers a cognitive, conversational self-service experience that can provide answers and take action. You can easily customize your bots behavior to fit your specific business needs, provide custom content and match your business brand. Additionally, deep analytics provide insights on your customer’s engagement with the ODYNS™ Analytics and help with the understanding of your constantly changing customer’s needs.

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